Apple Pay also works in New York City taxis

Two Apple Pay merchants in one shot.
Two Apple Pay merchants in one shot.
Image: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan
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Apple Pay, the company’s new mobile payments service, launched yesterday with several large retail partners, including McDonald’s and Whole Foods, and key iPhone apps, including Uber and OpenTable.

But it also works—unannounced—in at least some New York City taxi cabs. Several people have tweeted that they’ve been able to pay for their rides with Apple Pay in New York City, and Mashable’s Lance Ulanoff even posted this short video:

Users are also reporting that Apple Pay works in Boston taxis, and one person tweeting from the UK said their Apple Pay app was triggered inside a taxi there, even though the payment system hasn’t launched yet outside of the United States.

This is more evidence that Apple made the right move by supporting existing contact-less payment infrastructure instead of trying to get merchants to install proprietary equipment.

It’s not clear what percentage of New York cabs, or those in other cities, will support Apple Pay. But look for the standard contactless payments icon—which looks like a hand holding a card in front of radio waves—to assess compatibility.

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