Meet six intriguing entrepreneurs honored by Goldman Sachs

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Entrepreneurs are critically important to the development of economic growth and job creation. At Goldman Sachs, we are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and helping them expand and grow their businesses.

Our third annual Builders + Innovators Summit recently brought together emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs from a diverse set of industries. The focus was on building great and enduring companies that reshape their industries and make the world better through innovation.

At each annual Builders + Innovators Summit, we name our 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs. In these videos, some of those entrepreneurs share their stories and insights.

Andrew Thompson, co-founder and CEO, Proteus Digital Health

Proteus Digital Health is revolutionizing self-health management through its digital health feedback system.

Boris Sofman, co-founder and CEO, Anki

Anki is bringing artificial intelligence to the living room with Anki Drive, a video game in physical form.

Jane Park, founder and CEO, Julep

Julep is transforming the beauty industry through an end-to-end development approach that turns customers into collaborators.

Kunal Sarkar, founder and CEO, Lumosity

Lumosity is taking brain training to the mainstream with games and exercises designed to strengthen cognitive abilities.

Barbara Bush, co-founder and CEO, Global Health Corps

Global Health Corps is connecting talented young people to communities in need to help build the movement for health equity.

Jamail Larkins, president and CEO, Ascension Air

Ascension Air is changing how small aircraft are sold and operated through its fractional ownership model.

As part of the work we do with our clients, Goldman Sachs hosts conferences and events in which we convene business leaders, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from around the world. Learn more about the shared insights from some of those events.

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