Teens grossed out by new school lunches hatetweet at Michelle Obama

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Just over a year ago, Michelle Obama unveiled an updated set of dietary guidelines for US public schools. Goodbye pizza Fridays, hello raw carrots and fish nuggets. Portion sizes also were tackled, with a decision to size them according to students’ age, rather than offering the same meal to all grades.

The kids are not happy, judging by those who’ve taken to social media to protest their new lunches in pictures and tweets. Using the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama, and a quick snapshot of what’s on offer, the world has been exposed to what US students depend on to sustain themselves throughout the school day.

Here’s just a small sample:

This isn’t the first time the culinary plight facing youth has been revealed for all to see. Two years ago, 9-year-old Martha Payne launched a blog called NeverSeconds, where she posted images of the fried meals she often was served between classes. Her images helped her set up a fundraiser to feed school children in Malawi.

Moral of the story, sometimes it’s good to complain on the internet.