Yahoo Mail’s 11-day outage is not inspiring confidence in users

Not so chatty this time.
Not so chatty this time.
Image: AP
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Given Yahoo’s enormous user base and the resources being poured into its webmail product, you’d think Yahoo Mail was winning users over left and right. Instead, over the last 11 days, they’ve been frustrated over delays caused by a cut undersea cable.

The outage, which took place between Nov. 20 and Dec. 1, largely affected users in the UK and the US east coast, a company official tells Quartz. It took four days for Yahoo to locate the affected cable, which a third party cut accidentally while repairing another cable. Yahoo Mail counts 110 million daily active users globally, but the company did not disclose figures on how many were affected by the outage.

Around the same time last year, Yahoo Mail went dark for two days. CEO Marissa Mayer publicly apologized then, calling the situation “unacceptable.” This time around she remained quiet, making no mention of it on her Twitter or Tumblr accounts.

Yahoo Mail, which celebrated its 17th birthday in October, has been a priority for Mayer. Under her leadership, it has received major facelifts, with the addition of some Gmail-like features, such as threaded messages and backgrounds that can be customized with photos. The company also recycled dormant email addresses to lure in new users (a move that also raised security concerns, with some people receiving emails not intended for them).