A hybrid Lamborghini is coming, and it looks like an SUV

It might look something like this.
It might look something like this.
Image: AP Photo/ Vincent Thian
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When Lamborghini unveiled its concept for a hybrid vehicle in October, it was sleek, sexy, and definitely a sports car.

But when that technology actually makes it to a car assembly line, it’s likely to look quite different. Realistically, a car with with the power of a Lamborghini and the sustainability of a hybrid plug-in will be a sports utility vehicle, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann told CNN Money. An SUV can handle the added battery weight that a hybrid needs, without lowering expectations for drivers who want a fully performing sports car.

The most likely bet for Lamborghini’s hybrid SUV would be the upcoming Urus model, which the company unveiled in 2012 in this ridiculous launch number (there are reports that the Urus will be sold sometime in the next few years).