Besides the unfortunate use of “maybe” in talking about the peaceful nature of 1.6 billion members of one religious faith, the most striking thing is that Murdoch finds those peaceful members of the faith as guilty as the ones perpetrating violence.

The moral high ground from the man whose entire empire nearly collapsed under the weight of the hacking of a dead girl’s mobile phone? The reaction was fairly predictable:

Murdoch joined Twitter in 2012—which surprised many, as the owner of some of the world’s biggest newspapers and TV channels, including the Wall Street Journal, the Times of London, and Fox, doesn’t exactly need a bully pulpit.

Since then, he has come in for criticism for a variety of his tweets, from praising his own newspaper for how it covered the end of the recent Sydney hostage siege, claiming that all Egyptians are white, and saying more carbon leeds to a greener world.

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