The new Greek prime minister’s first tweet after winning was to the lead actor in “House”

A new prescription for Greece.
A new prescription for Greece.
Image: Reuters/Marko Djurica
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After it became clear that Greece’s far-left Syriza party was on its way to an historic election victory, leader Alexis Tsipras—the likely next prime minister—delivered an impassioned speech to supporters in Athens.

And then, at 1:36am local time, he—or someone on his team—took to Twitter. The first tweet from the leader’s account after polls closed was not a continuation of the harsh words against austerity or threats to restructure Greece’s debts, two of the key planks of Syriza’s platform.

No, the first tweet was a reply to a message of congratulations from Hugh Laurie, the lead actor on the long-running American TV medical drama House:

Dr. House was known for coming up with creative solutions to seemingly untreatable ailments, so the incoming prime minister’s oddly timed interaction with the actor maybe isn’t so strange after all, given Greece’s sickly economy.