The iPhone is coming to T-Mobile next year

The iPhone is coming to T-Mobile next year
Image: AP Photo / Mark Lennihan
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Sometime in 2013, T-Mobile customers can get themselves an iPhone, according to a for-real official announcement from Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile’s parent company. Or at least it sure sounds like T-Mobile will get the iPhone, as part of its new deal to sell “Apple products.” Why would that not include the iPhone?

Another unclear part of today’s Deutsche Telekom release to investors: When in 2013, exactly, will these iThings make their way to the wireless company’s shelves? Because 2013 is less than a month away. T-Mobile customers, we suppose, could get their hands on an iPhone sooner rather than later — or they could have to wait until next holiday season, when Apple presumably announces that already-rumored iPhone 5S.

The T-Mobile/iPhone rumor has been kicking so long that it feels kind of weird now that it’s true. The reality comes at a decent time for T-Mobile, which really could have used some of Apple’s magic of late. DT laid off 1,300 employees earlier this year, followed by the departure of T-Mobile’s CEO. The tough times stem partly from the low-cost, pre-paid plans from Sprint’s Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile, which had started to undercut the more budget friendly T-Mobile. But everyone knows T-Mobile has never had the most desirable phones, the iPhone being the most desirable of all. Maybe the two companies reached this agreement too late, but we bet some T-Mobile hangers-on will be delighted.

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