Here’s another smartwatch the Apple Watch is probably going to steam past

The new Pebble. (Allegedly.)
The new Pebble. (Allegedly.)
Image: Screenshot/Pebble
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Pebble, whose original smartwatch was one of the first Kickstarter mega-hits, is back at it. The firm is expected to unveil a new model of its wrist-worn notification device tomorrow. Before revealing any details, however, someone has uploaded this image of a watch to Pebble’s website, which was noticed by 9to5Google.

According to 9to5Google, the new Pebble will have a color screen, and will be thinner than its previous model, yet still maintain its robust, week-long battery life. Its software has also reportedly been redesigned by some of the same people who made Palm’s beautiful—but doomed—webOS smartphone operating system, and will feature more animations and richer interactivity. (Though the screen is reportedly not a touchscreen.)

The big question is whether—and how long—an upstart pioneer like Pebble can survive, as experienced, wealthy rivals roll into the market. The first Apple Watch is set to launch in April, with analysts expecting tens of millions of sales. (For perspective, Pebble recently announced that it sold one million units in its first two years on the market.) Samsung and other Android phone makers will continue to release new models, with big marketing support. The watch industry, from Switzerland to China, will make a ”smart” push, too. Can Pebble attract enough buyers to keep ticking?