Doha UN conference extends climate pollution limits

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A link from Bloomberg

“The deal endorsed by ministers from more than 190 nations in Doha restrains fossil fuel emissions from the European Union to Australia. It also for the first time suggests a channel for richer countries to compensate poorer ones for ‘loss and damage’ related to rising sea levels and droughts,” Bloomberg reports. “The biggest accomplishment of the annual United Nations conference was to streamline the discussions, paving the way for a global treaty by 2015 that would cut greenhouse gases from 2020.” However, the emissions limits agreed this time merely continue the framework of the “first period” of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on emissions reduction which expires this year (and which not all countries are observing anyway), and was supposed to be renegotiated in 2009. It will be at least seven years before any new commitments come into force.