Apple is training its retail employees to upsell, upsell, upsell the Apple Watch

Always be closing.
Always be closing.
Image: Ryan Emberley/Invision for Apple/AP Images
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In preparation of the Apple Watch hitting stores next month, the Cupertino, California company is training its retail employees on the art of the upgrade.

According to a sales document obtained by 9to5Mac, retail store employees should use customers’ interest in the Apple Watch as a way to get them to upgrade their iPhones to newer, compatible models. Even if they’re not intent on leaving the store with an Apple Watch, employees are told to “encourage customers who don’t use iPhone to switch now so they’re ready for Apple Watch later.”

Apple is also taking a more conventional approach with its recommended sales tactics, encouraging employees to strike up conversation with customers, taking note of their interests, style preferences, and how they plan to use the watch. Store employees will also help customers narrow down their watch options by asking if they’re looking for something that’s more casual or formal, and if they prefer metal or leather bands.

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Image: 9to5Mac

As with smartwatch apps, watch accessories will play a big part in the Apple Watch ecosystem. Citing a corporate retail meeting, 9to5Mac says senior vice president of retail Angela Ahrendts recently emphasized that accessories will be a major pillar of Apple’s retail strategy. The two higher-end models of the Apple Watch will come with a stainless steel or gold band, but the entry-level sport version will have a strap made from elastomer, a rubber-like material.