A beautiful timelapse video captures Hong Kong before and after the Umbrella Revolution

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A video by a photographer from Minsk shows the density of Hong Kong, one of the most tightly packed cities in the world with about 6,650 people per square kilometer, as well as life before and after the Umbrella Revolution:

Dmitry Vazhnik visited the city twice, in February of 2014 and again in November, after pro-democracy protests against Beijing’s influence swept the city last year. On his first visit, “I was so much impressed by this place because of the density of life,” he told Quartz. “So many skyscrapers, people, cars on a such small square.”

Vazhnik said he relied on “skills and ingenuity” to get to Hong Kong’s rooftops, where much of the video was taken. “That’s where the best views are,” he said. On his November visit, he spent a lot of time at the Umbrella Movement protest camps in central Hong Kong, he said. “I was impressed by the courage and perseverance” of Hong Kong citizens, he said.

Life in Hong Kong after the protests remains tense, as activists and officials continue to clash over how the nominally independent city should implement democratic reforms. Today, Chinese officials said that Hong Kong must abide by a previously announced framework requiring voters to choose from candidates selected by a Beijing-approved nominating committee.