John McAfee says he has less than $5 million left, may be forced to return to Belize

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John McAfee, the former anti-virus impresario who is wanted by police in Belize for questioning in the murder of his neighbor, is now in Miami, and he’s giving interviews. He was just on CNBC, explaining why everything that has so far been reported about him is either untrue or has a perfectly reasonable explanation.

“If I wanted to do drugs again, I have the resources to do good drugs,” said McAfee. It has been previously reported that he once declared bath salts “the finest drug ever,” but today he insisted that “bath salts are used by people who don’t have a lot of money.”

He’s now worth less than $5 million. At the peak of his fortune, McAfee was reportedly worth more than $100 million. Now, he says, he’s got less than $5 million left, and “I believe it’s in the pockets of the politicians in Belize now.”

He’s no longer on the run. Since coming to Miami, McAffee’s life has become significantly less dramatic than during his two and a half months of hiding in Latin America. “Do I look like I’m on the run? I’m sitting here having coffee,” he said.

But he might be forced to return to Belize and turn himself in if authorities detain his girlfriends. McAfee’s 20-year-old girlfriend and her friend Amy (who used to be his girlfriend and, he claims, tried to kill him four times during their relationship out of jealousy) are currently in hiding in Guatemala, said McAfee. But “the arm of police is long,” and if police find them, “I would have to go back to prevent them from being tortured.”

“If I had to take action against everyone who complained about my dogs, there would be no one left in San Pedro,” said McAfee. He denies the charge that he was involved in the murder of his neighbor, who, he admits, complained about his dogs’ incessant barking: “He complained about my dogs, but every neighbor complained about my dogs—I complained about my dogs, too.” McAfee says that he did have a large number of guns on his property in Belize but that they belonged to his security guards, whom he needed for protection, since “Belize has the highest murder rate in the world.”