Google wants to teach you how to dance with Google Glass

And to think they did it all without the help of technology.
And to think they did it all without the help of technology.
Image: Reuters/Akhtar Soomro
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Dancing is difficult—just ask Google Chairman Eric Schmidt—but certain social situations require it. Those with two left feet have long been left to hide in shadows in these situations, but a new patent awarded to Google could potentially turn anyone with a wearable into Tony Manero.

Google was awarded a patent today for a system that could determine what music is playing and display appropriate dance moves to go along with the music on a heads-up display like Google Glass. It would be like a combination of Shazam and Dance Dance Revolution. The patent also outlines methods for a wearable to see others dancing, figure out the moves, and show them to the user so they can follow along.

All together now.
All together now.
Image: US Patent and Trademark Office

The patent suggests that the system would search the web for dance moves that might fit the beat, but also suggests it could have a access to a database of dance moves to call upon. It’s unclear if Google would be the one compiling this database of rumbas, salsas, and waltzes.

Of course, all this would require getting comfortable with the notion of dancing with computers strapped to our faces.

Eric Schmidt said yesterday that Google has not given up on its head-mounted Glass wearable, so perhaps the chairman is still in need of a few more dance lessons.

Google was not immediately available to comment on its patent, a dancing database, or whether its has any serious intentions to implement this technology in the next wave of Glass devices.