Video: Everyone, including former cast, wants to #SaveTwinPeaks

…or not.
…or not.
Image: YouTube
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When Twin Peaks creators, David Lynch and Mark Frost announced in the fall that the eerie whodunit would get a third season on the Showtime network, fans went bananas. An instant hit when it premiered 25 years ago, on April 8, it developed a cult following over the years. But today, Twin Peaks devotees have fewer reasons to rejoice.

On April 5 David Lynch announced on Twitter that due to a lack of funding, he was pulling out of the project. Showtime pressed on, issuing a statement that they were saddened by Lynch’s decision, but still “holding out hope” to bring him on board. Fan grief  quickly turned into a viral online campaign to save the new installment as initially envisioned. They started a petition to bring the show back with its beloved creator, saying that without Lynch, there is no Twin Peaks.

“With the scripts already completed and actors and fans alike eager for this to go ahead with Lynch at the helm, we are urging Showtime to give David Lynch the contract he is after, or let HBO, Netflix or another network give the world what it wants and save Twin Peaks,” the petition reads.

The original cast, including Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer), Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs), and Sherylin Fenn (Audrey Horne), was so eager to help, they released an amazing compilation video in which they each say ”Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like…” and add an analogy that relates to the character they played on the show (“a log without bark,” or “a girl without a secret”).

Some other celebrities rallied as well.

But above all, the show’s legions of fans showed their support.