China’s top market commentator is a 26-year-old college dropout who goes by the nickname Batman

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A link from Businessweek

A 26-year-old college dropout from the southwestern city of Kunming, China is the country’s most popular online market commentator. Under the blogger name Yerongtian (叶荣添), Hu Bin has captured the attention of Chinese investors by being bombastic, eccentric but also thoughtful. He’s famous for geting into fights with other market watchers and making wagers he has no intention of keeping: In 2010, he bet that the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index would reach 5800 by the end of the year or he’d throw himself off a Shanghai skyscraper (neither happened). Hu says he’d prefer people online to refer to him as “Batman” and says he writes to help China’s approximately 72 million retail investors, who he believes aren’t as mature as American investors.