How you can help Nepal right now

Image: AP Photo/ Niranjan Shrestha
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This post has been updated with additional organizations and new information about the disaster.

A magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck Nepal on April 25, killing more than 2,000 people, injuring more than 5,000, and leaving Kathmandu, a capital of nearly 1 million people, in rubble.

At least 17 people died on Mount Everest, where the quake triggered an avalanche. The quake also killed at least 52 people in India and injured hundreds of others, according to officials there.

Quartz is assembling a list of organizations that are collecting funds to aid victims that you can support.

Adhikaar, a New York-based nonprofit organization that works with Nepali communities to provide social justice, is collecting funds to help send food and tents.

Donate via Adhikaar here.

The Adobe and Bamboo Research Institute (ABARI), a nonprofit research, design and construction firm that celebrates the architectural tradition of Nepal, is collecting funds to build temporary accommodation and medical camps in earthquake-affected areas.

Donate via ABARI here.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, which works in more than 70 countries to alleviate hunger and hardship, is collecting funds for relief efforts in Nepal.

Donate via the Joint Distribution Committee here.

American Nepal Medical Foundation, a US-based nonprofit that promotes the advancement of medical training and practice in Nepal, is collecting funds for earthquake relief.

Donate via American Nepal Medical Foundation here.

The American Red Cross is committing an initial $300,000 to the response and working closely with the Nepal Red Cross and the global Red Cross network to provide first aid, search and rescue, and support to first responders.

Donate via the American Red Cross here.

Baptist Global Response, a Nashville-based Southern Baptist relief and development organization, is collecting funds for its response to the disaster in Nepal.

Donate via Baptist Global Response here.

The Britain-Nepal Medical Trust, a UK-based organization that works with local nongovernmental organizations to improve the health status of the people of Nepal, is collecting funds to support relief efforts.

Donate via The Britain-Nepal Medical Trust here.

CARE works in 87 countries to support projects that fight poverty and promote humanitarian aid.

Donate via CARE here.

Catholic Relief Services, the humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the US, is procuring emergency relief materials for earthquake victims in Nepal.

Donate via Catholic Relief Services here.

ChildFund International, a US-based nonprofit that works to address poverty among children in more than 30 countries, is collecting funds for emergency assistance in Nepal.

Donate via ChildFund International here.

Convoy of Hopea faith-based nonprofit, is working to deliver aid to those in Nepal who are in need.

Donate via Convoy of Hope here.

Disaster Psychiatry Outreach, a New York-based nonprofit that provides mental health services in the aftermath of disorders, is collecting funds to provide care in Nepal.

Donate via Disaster Psychiatry Outreach here.

Doctors Without Borders, an international association that provides medical assistance to victims of natural disasters and others in distress, is sending teams to assist victims of the Nepal earthquake.

Donate via Doctors Without Borders here.

The Foundation Beyond Belief, a charitable foundation committed to humanist generosity and compassion, is collecting funds to help with Nepal’s recovery efforts.

Donate via the Foundation Beyond Belief here.

The Gurkha Welfare Trust, a UK-based organization that provides financial, medical and community aid to Gurkha ex-serviceman of the British Crown, is making its facilities across Nepal available for relief efforts.

Donated via Gurkha Welfare Trust here.

The Government of India has a relief fund.

Donate here.

The Government of Nepal has a disaster relief fund.

Details on how to donate to the relief fund are here.

GreaterGood.org, a nonprofit that supports nongovernmental organizations engaged in health and education initiatives in Nepal, is collecting funds for earthquake relief.

Donate via GreaterGood.org here.

The Gurung (Tamu) Society, a New York-based community organization, is raising funds for disaster relief.

Details on how to contact the society are here.

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian ministry that works to provide decent housing. The organization, which has worked in Nepal for 18 years, will be assisting victims.

Donate via Habitat for Humanity here.

Handicap International, a nonprofit organization that supports people with disabilities in 59 countries, is collecting funds to aid survivors in Nepal, including those with disabilities.

Donate via Handicap International here.

Help Nepal Network, a global charity dedicated to health and education-related projects in rural Nepal, is collecting funds to aid relief efforts.

Donate via the Help Nepal Network here.

The Himalayan Trust, a New Zealand-based organization founded by Sir Edmund Hillary, is collecting funds to help people of the Everest region.

Donate via The Himalayan Trust here.

Human Appeal International, an Ireland-based nonprofit that works to help people escape the hardships of natural disasters in 27 countries, is sending a response team to deliver emergency aid.

Donate via Human Appeal International here.

International Medical Corps, a nonprofit organization that provides emergency medical response worldwide, is collecting funds to support its operations on the ground in Nepal.

Donate via International Medical Corps here.

Islamic Reliefa nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian relief in more than 35 countries worldwide, is working in Nepal to help quake victims.

Donate via Islamic Relief here.

The Juniper Fund, a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that works on behalf of Nepali workers injured or killed in the climbing and expedition industry, is collecting funds.

Donate via The Juniper Fund here.

MAP International, a global Christian health organization that provides medicines and other aid to people left homeless and without basic services as a result of natural disasters, is collecting funds.

Donate via MAP International here.

Oxfam is an confederation of 17 organizations that has experts in Nepal who are prepared to supply food, clean water, and sanitation.

Donate via Oxfam here.

Team Rubicon, an international nonprofit disaster-response organization that unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders, is deploying a team to Kathmandu and collecting funds for relief efforts.

Donate via Team Rubicon here.

UNICEF is an agency of the United Nations that is working to rush aid to children and families in Nepal.

Donate via UNICEF here.

Samaritan’s Purse is a non-denominational evangelical Christian organization that aids people around the world.

Donate via Samaritan’s Purse here.

Save the Children is an organization that works in 120 countries to tackle poverty and improve education and health for children.

Donate via Save the Children here.

Water Missions, a Christian, nonprofit engineering organization that provides safe water and sanitation for people in disaster areas, is collecting funds for water treatment equipment in Nepal.

Donate via Water Missions here.

WaterAid, an international nonprofit that provides water, sanitation and hygiene programs in 26 countries, is collecting funds to restore access to water and toilets following the earthquake in Nepal.

Donate via WaterAid here.

World Neighbors, a nonprofit that has been working in villages in both Nepal and India that have been devastate by the earthquake, is partnering with Feed the Children, a nonprofit that works to provide food and essentials in 24 countries, to raise funds for victims in Nepal.

Donate via World Neighbors and Feed the Children here.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization that works to tackle poverty and injustice in nearly 100 countries.

Donate via World Vision here.

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