Podcast: A whistleblower’s nine-year battle with Halliburton

Image: Reuters/Alex Grimm
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Update, 6.12.15: The podcast has now launched, and you can listen or subscribe to Actuality in iTunes.

Quartz and Marketplace are collaborating on a new podcast. It’s still in preview mode, but we’re releasing the latest episode for your enjoyment and feedback.

This week, Halliburton whistleblower Tony Menendez talks about his nine year legal battle with the company—and what to do if you want to sound the alarm about fraud or corruption. Plus, the Real Housewives of New Jersey have their own uncanny whistleblower.

Hosts Tim Fernholz and Sabri Ben-Achour are joined by ProPublica finance reporter Jesse Eisinger; Halliburton whistleblower Tony Menendez, whose whole story is recounted here; and Tom Devine, the legal director at the Government Accountability Project.

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