Exhausted moms and dads are the heaviest consumers of energy drinks

Choosy moms choose energy drinks.
Choosy moms choose energy drinks.
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If you thought caffeine-laden energy drinks were just for basketball players, monster truck drivers, and video gamers, you’d be forgiven. Judging by commercials, they seem like the primary consumers.

But according to a new report from Mintel, a market research group, childless men are not the most likely to guzzle an energy drink or throw back an energy shot—dads and moms, it turns out, are even bigger fans.

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For men and women alike, parents are more likely to use energy drinks than those without children. Just 34% of childless men consume energy drinks—but 68% of dads do. There’s a similar pattern for mothers: While only 22% of childless women drink energy drinks, 38% of moms imbibe the stuff.

Energy beverages continue to gain in popularity overall. Mintel tracked a 56% growth in the energy drinks/shots category from 2009-2014 and predicts another 52% of growth from 2014-2019. In 2015, it expects the energy drinks market to grow 10%, reaching $10.8 billion. Energy shots, however, are expected to decline for the third year in a row.

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