Video: John Oliver scolds ex-FIFA official Jack Warner on Trinidad television

Screenshot of john oliver on TV6
Screenshot of john oliver on TV6
Image: YouTube
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Residents of Trinidad and Tobago who sat down last night to watch the sitcom Mike and Molly may have been surprised when the show was pre-empted by the British comedian John Oliver. Oliver, who has often criticized FIFA’s leadership on his own show, Last Week Tonight, had purchased four minutes of airtime on TV6, the nation’s largest private television broadcaster, to mock the disgraced former FIFA vice president Jack Warner.

Warner, a businessman and politician from the island nation, had addressed viewers via the same network a week earlier in a segment titled “The Gloves Are Off,” claiming he had spectacular evidence of FIFA corruption. In a response titled ”The Mittens of Disapproval Are On,” and filmed from the set of his HBO show, Oliver advised Warner to “release everything.”

“Mr. Warner, do not [disappoint] the entire planet by promising spectacular FIFA revelations and not delivering,” said Oliver. “I am begging you.”

“It’s not like you’re not already potentially in a lot of trouble,” he pleaded. “I’m sure you have some absolutely hilarious examples of FIFA corruption.” The hope, perhaps, is that Warner has accusations in the same league as those leveled at former FIFA executive Chuck Blazer, who reportedly used FIFA money to rent a luxury apartment solely for his cats.