Jeb Bush’s enthusiastic new logo is getting some mixed reviews

The new logo.
The new logo.
Image: Screenshot.
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Jeb Bush’s anticipated campaign for President may have a logo, and it’s an enthusiastic one. Bush tweeted one out this morning ahead of the official launch of his presidential campaign, expected tomorrow:

As with other campaign logos this year, controversy abounds. Reactions included incredulity:

And some light mockery:

Business junkies might note the logo’s similarity to that of Taco Bell operator Yum! brands, but the more historically-minded note that Bush used a similar logo during all three of his campaigns for Florida Governor. Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander also used a similar one in his ultimately unsuccessful 1996 campaign for President. GOP consultant Mike Murphy had a hand in both:

Others note that the logo omits Bush’s surname, possibly due to his ever-complicated relationship with his younger brother’s presidency:

My personal favorite? A call to action for another eldest son of a controversial family:

It’s not yet confirmed that this is the official logo, but Jeb! does appear at the end of a pre-announcement video released by his team: