Watch this CEO chase sailing records at the helm of one of the world’s fastest boats

On my way.
On my way.
Image: Quartz/Shelly Banjo
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When Renaud Laplanche isn’t running one of America’s fastest-growing companies, he’s chasing after a lifelong obsession to shatter global sailing records. But unlike most CEOs who just use their riches to buy expensive yachts, the CEO of online-lending giant Lending Club actually steers the ship as co-skipper.

Laplanche, along with famed American sailor Ryan Breymaier and their crew, has chartered a 105-foot maxi trimaran called “Lending Club 2,” one of the fastest and most technologically souped-up boats in the world. The team has already set world speed sailing records, including crossing the English Channel in five hours and 15 minutes. Next up: a second attempt at breaking the Transpacific record—Los Angeles to Honolulu in five days and nine hours—which the team missed by two hours in 2013.

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