Samsung’s ‘see-through’ truck could make it less terrifying to drive next to big rigs

Clear ahead
Clear ahead
Image: Samsung Tomorrow
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Do you move three lanes away whenever you encounter a truck on the road? Do scary scenes from Steven Spielberg’s Duel come to mind when you have to overtake a trailer?

Samsung might have a solution for people like you: a ‘Safety Truck’ that, thanks to a wireless camera on the front and a giant screen on the back, displays the view of the road ahead to drivers behind. Think of it as a see-through truck.

According to a post in its official blog, the Korean company has tested the prototype in Argentina, where the large number of traffic accidents on two-lane roads was the inspiration for the project.

The objective is to let drivers make better decisions about whether or not it is safe to overtake a big rig. The camera also has night-vision mode that allows it to transmit video in dark conditions.

The company is working with the government and NGOs that promote safe driving, to comply with the national protocols and obtain the necessary permits and approvals for the prototype. However, as The Verge has noted, it is still unclear if this idea could become economically viable on a large scale.