Comedian Margaret Cho has never been one to shy away from conversations about sexism. In a new video sketch for Funny or Die, the quick-witted comic focuses her special brand of satire on Hollywood’s double standards, imagining an alternate-reality writer’s room where women set the rules. Quite literally flipping the script, Cho and a bevy of female television writers discuss the character depth (or lack thereof) of Dan the DILF—a gender-swapped version of the classic(-ally offensive) “hot wife” sitcom archetype. “Fifty-two percent of our audience is male, or whatever,” Cho sighs, “so they want us to beef up Dan’s character. Maybe give him a little hobby?”

Expertly skewering network television conventions, the group formulates a number of potential past times for One-Dimensional Dan: stand up comedy, having a “hot guy friend” who he doesn’t really talk to, or spouting meaningless catch phrases. “I’ve got a hobby for Dan,” one writer suggests. “But it’s in my pants.”