Lululemon is recalling 300,000 workout tops that may attack your face

Watch out!
Watch out!
Image: Reuters/Kimberly White
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That Lululemon jacket may look nice, but there’s a chance it’s trying to gouge your eyes out. This is according to a recall of more than 300,000 of the Canadian athleisure brand’s tops that feature elastic drawcords with hard-tipped ends. If those cords are caught on something and then released, they can snap back like a rubber band and impact one’s face or eye. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, seven people have already reported such injuries.

A Lululemon spokesperson says none of the injuries reported were serious and that no lawsuits have been filed.

If you own a hazardous hoodie—those styles include the Don’t Hurry Be Happy Pullover, the Gratitude Wrap, and the unfortunately named Refresh Snap Up, among others—the Safety Commission says you should “should stop wearing the tops with the elastic draw cord and either remove the draw cord or contact lululemon to request a new, non-elastic draw cord with written instructions on how to replace the draw cord.” (Quartz endorses the old push-it-through-with-a-safety-pin method.)

This is especially unfortunate for Lululemon, after an embarrassing 2013 recall of unintentionally sheer pants, which company founder Chip Wilson blamed on women’s bodies. He has yet to blame their faces for the aggressive elastic drawcords.