A small problem for all the gay marriage opponents who say they’re fed up and moving to Canada

Canada took care of this rather a long time ago.
Canada took care of this rather a long time ago.
Image: Reuters/Peter Jones
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As is traditional for Americans feeling the sting of a policy change they find disappointing, there are a lot of unhappy people right now claiming they’re through with the US and moving to Canada. What has today’s crop of would-be emigrants plotting a relocation to their northern neighbor? The US Supreme Court’s decision to strike down state bans on gay marriage, of course.

There’s one tiny issue. Same-sex marriage is, in fact, legal in Canada. It has been that way since 2005.

Apparently realizing their mistake, a lot of the aspiring Canadians have retracted their statements.

Canada’s a lovely country for fans of poutine, ice hockey, politeness, progressive health care, and vowel shifts in the pronunciation of diphthongs. But people strongly opposed to gay marriage may want to rethink their interest in living there.