The beer-drinkers’ worst-nightmare vacation cities, charted

Here’s to you
Here’s to you
Image: AP/Daniel Karmann
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If you’re heading on vacation this year, you might want to stay away from Hong Kong if you’re a big beer drinker, where the average cost of a beer purchased at a bar now comes in at $10.86. Geneva, Tel Aviv, New York, and Miami close out the top most expensive cities to buy beer, according to new data from travel website GoEuro.

By contrast, beers from the Slovakian capital of Bratislava will run you just a couple of dollars. Delhi, Kiev, and Ho Chi Minh City also offer a lot of brew for your buck.

With prices so low, it’s no surprise that the Eastern European cities of Bucharest, Prague, and Krakow throw back the highest number of beers per year. At around 130 liters of beer per capita annually, people in these cities drink more than 30 times the amount of beer as the city dwellers in Delhi. (By contrast, people in Hong Kong drink an average of 16 liters of beer a year).

Still, there’s always an exception to the rule. In Finland’s capital, Helsinki, the average cost of a beer at a bar is $8.17, among the highest in the world. Nevertheless, the average Finn guzzles down 105 liters of beer a year, and spends north of $1,500 per capita annually on suds (for reference, that’s the equivalent of the GDP per capita in Ethiopia).

Note: In all cases, the price of a beer bottle was calculated as the average cost of a 33 cl bottle of several worldwide brands and a major local brand. Where beers are sold in 12 oz varieties (35.5 cl), GoEuro normalized prices to be equivalent to the European standard of 33 cl. All prices are in US dollars.