A frenzy of 50 sharks has been spotted off the coast of England

I wanna shark that’s a smooth-hound.
I wanna shark that’s a smooth-hound.
Image: Flickr/Biodiversity Heritage Library
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Dozens of sharks—collectively known as a gam, herd, school, shiver, or frenzy—were spotted in waters near West Sussex on the southern UK coast yesterday (July 16). A bystander’s video shows dozens of smooth-hound sharks in intertidal waters near the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in Medmerry, a wetland habitat in West Sussex:

The footage was captured by Peter Hughes, the warden of RSPB Medmerry. Smooth-hounds are named for their propensity to gather in packs, like dogs.

“It was astonishing. There were just these huge fish everywhere in knee-deep water,” Hughes told the BBC. He said the sharks were likely coming to feed on crabs and other marine life.

ITV news reports that the smooth-hound sharks can grow up to 5 feet in length and weigh up to 13 kg (29 lb). They frequent coastal areas in West Sussex, and around Great Britain’s coasts in general.

Creative Commons-licensed photo by Flickr user Biodiversity Heritage Library.