Grooveshark co-founder Josh Greenberg, 28, has been found dead of unknown causes

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Grooveshark co-founder Josh Greenberg has been found dead at his home in Florida, several months after his 8-year-old music streaming site was shut down by a barrage of music label lawsuits.

Greenberg’s girlfriend, Abby Mayer, returned from a trip and found the 28-year-old entrepreneur dead in his bed at his home in Gainesville on Sunday, according to local police. His mother, Lori Greenberg, told The Gainesville Sun that police investigating on Sunday night found no evidence of foul play, injuries, or drugs at the scene. An autopsy is scheduled for today (July 20), which would reveal if there were any brain or heart problems, and toxicology results will take several months.

Grooveshark provided free streaming of a wide variety music until it ceased operations in April as part of a settlement in a copyright violation lawsuit by major music labels. Greenberg and two fellow undergraduates at the University of Florida founded the service in 2006.

Lori Greenberg told the Sun that her son was relieved to have settled and was looking forward to the next step in his career.

This is a developing story that will be updated as more information becomes available. The photo above was provided by Flickr user Michael Vroegop under a Creative Commons license.