Forget first class: Delta is going to start upgrading select customers to private jets

You can do better
You can do better
Image: Courtesy of Delta Private Jets
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No more cramped seats, crying babies, or whatever else ails you when flying commercial. Delta is planning an upgrade for its top customers that will include the possibility of flying in one of the company’s private jets.

The new upgrades, which Bloomberg reports will cost $300 to $800 per trip, will be offered on select routes to passengers with “medallion” status in the Delta SkyMiles frequent-flyer program. That includes customers who travel 25,000 miles or 30 segments annually, and spend $3,000 a year on qualifying purchases.

Delta says the upgrade will include transportation to the departure airport’s private aviation area and complimentary catering on board. The airline operates a fleet of 66 private jets.

The availability of upgrades will be limited to “specific markets where an available Delta Private Jets aircraft is otherwise not in use,” Delta says. As Bloomberg warns, the program doesn’t come with extra frequent-flyer miles; customers who spring for the upgrade will be offered the same mileage they would have gotten on the commercial flight they originally booked.