The US Taco Bell that’s selling alcohol will also feature a bouncer at the door

At least there’s no velvet rope.
At least there’s no velvet rope.
Image: AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar
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Earlier this summer, Taco Bell announced that it was testing out a hip new restaurant design, complete with energy efficient LED lighting, reclaimed brick walls, prismatic glass—and, best of all for late-night Doritos Locos lovers, booze.

Now the first US’s first location is adding another element: Bouncers.

This is what the new, hip Taco Bell will look like.
This is what the new, hip Taco Bell will look like.
Image: Taco Bell

Residents of Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, where the restaurant will be located, are not thrilled with the idea of an alcohol-serving Taco Bell, DNAinfo Chicago reports. They are worried about late night drinking and underage patrons, and that customers will take their local craft beers or liquor-filled slushies out onto the street.

To allay their fears, franchisee Neil Borkan has agreed to hire a security guard. “[Borkan] wanted to cooperate and [he] felt at end of day it is a very reasonable request. It’s reviewable after a period of time. The plan can be changed in nine months [or] extended as is,” his attorney Bill O’Donaghue told DNAinfo. Approval for the plan, he said, was expected “any day now.”

Neither Taco Bell nor O’Donaghue was immediately available for comment.