Singapore warns that “organic” orange juice is secretly laced with erectile dysfunction medication

Not part of a healthy breakfast.
Not part of a healthy breakfast.
Image: Reuters/Paulo Whitaker
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Purportedly “organic” orange juice in Singapore that is billed as ”suitable for the entire family” actually turns out to have significant levels of erectile dysfunction drugs, the country’s health officials warned today (Aug. 14).

Some of the S Lion Juice products, sold online, contain tadalafil, the active ingredient in Cialis, a prescription drug for erectile dysfunction, while other drinks have chemical compounds related to sildenafil, the generic name for Viagra, according to Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA). Earlier this month, Chinese authorities found high levels of sildenafil in the country’s most popular hard liquor.

The Singaporean orange juices promise to “increase energy and stamina, improve sleep quality, improve brain functionality,” and “help menopausal women regain their emotional health and strength.” But in reality, the HSA warned, they can “cause serious adverse effects, including loss of vision and hearing, strokes and heart attacks”—and that’s in addition to the drugs’ more well-known effects.