Carly Fiorina’s debate win propels her into second place behind Donald Trump

Carly went in.
Carly went in.
Image: AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill
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Carly Fiorina is holding her own against Donald Trump after an impressive performance during last week’s Republican debate.

A poll conducted by CNN and the Opinion Research Company three days after last Wednesday’s debate asked 444 Republicans which candidate they would most likely support for the GOP nomination. Fifteen percent of respondents named Fiorina, putting her in second place behind Trump’s 24%.

Trump’s support is eight percentage points lower than the 32% he received earlier this month in other polls, according to CNN. On the other hand, Fiorina’s number is up from 3% from early September—the biggest jump yet in this election cycle.

Fiorina, a first-timer on the main Republican debate stage last week, also edged ahead of neurosurgeon Ben Carson, at 14%, though her lead is well within the 4.5 percentage point margin of error. Also showing gains was Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, with 11%, up from 3% in early September.

Still, despite Fiorina and Rubio’s gains, an online NBC News survey last week found that almost a third of Republican voters still expect Trump to win the party nomination. Only 6% said they expected Fiorina to win, and 10% named Carson. Back in April, in a similar survey, NBC found that 24% of Republican voters expected Jeb Bush to win. After last week’s debate, that number is just 14%.