Table for one, please: More of us are happy to dine alone

All by myself.
All by myself.
Image: Reuters/Jorge Dan Lopez
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Table for one? You’re probably not alone.

The number of people booking dinner reservations for one in the US has grown by 62%, according to reservations app OpenTable. Perhaps people no longer care about sitting opposite an empty seat. OpenTable suggests it’s the fastest growing table party size.

Dallas had the highest number of solo reservations, with Miami and Denver second and third, respectively. New York ranked fourth, followed by Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Chicago.

While there have been some odd cases of solo dining, such as the Japanese blogger who took selfies with an imaginary girlfriend, the increasing trend suggests the stigma of lonely dining is coming to end.

5Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, was the most popular destination for customers to eat alone, while Atlantic Fish in Boston, Massachusetts came in second place. But it’s not just in the US.

Dutch restaurant Eenmaal is the first to successfully capitalize on the growing trend of wanting to eat alone with, apparently, the world’s first restaurant solely for solo diners. The owner is now thinking about opening a permanent base in London after two successful pop-up events.

For those who are still unable to break the taboo of eating alone, there’s a restaurant in Japan offering its solo diners the option of eating opposite a large stuffed animal.