This dancing tampon video may actually teach you something useful

Cool headband.
Cool headband.
Image: Barnkanalen
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A tampon dressed as a one-eyed pirate just might be an excellent teacher.

The same Swedish television channel that brought bouncing cartoon penises to the grateful internet—and, presumably, the children they were intended to educate—is back with a similarly odd, strangely charming video featuring a Swedish rap song and a troupe of dancing tampons in costume.

According to subtitles in the video via a Swedish news site, The Local, the song wisely advises that menstruating girls may need ”films, warmth, and a lot of chocolate” as well as a bit of extra kindness, and it seeks to de-stigmatize menstruation.

“The more knowledge and transparency [there is] the less of a stigma that many girls carry,” said Alex Hermansson, the host who sings and raps on the video.

Keeping things lighthearted is a smart strategy to dissolve the squeamishness and educate people—let’s be honest, of all ages—about something totally natural.