Google is now sharing its best internal HR and management advice with the world

Look at what Google is up to now.
Look at what Google is up to now.
Image: Reuters/Thierry Roge
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From the food it puts in the cafeteria to increasing maternity leave, Google seems to always be one step ahead of its competitors when it comes to its management policies. In a bid to “make work better,” the search giant is sharing its data-focused approach to HR and management with new guides and free public tools on its new site, re:Work, which it calls a “curated platform.”

Laszlo Bock, head of Google’s “People Operations” team, showcased the company’s data-intensive management practices earlier this year in the book titled Work Rules! Since then, Bock has been inundated with requests to share more intricate details of Google’s HR practices.

Bock explains in a blogpost that “the re:Work website is our response to the community of people who want to make work better around the world.”

The new site currently contains guides on the Google approach to hiring, management, people analytics, and something called “unbiasing”—one of Google’s long-term goals, which is to help people recognize their unconscious bias in the hopes of improving the diversity of their workforce.

Though the tech giant has heavily influenced the management policies of other companies, Bock admits that Google has “gotten a lot of stuff wrong” in the past. So re:Work  includes case studies from other organizations, including Nationwide’s Brokerage Solutions, to make work more motivating and energizing.