Headbangers and nude sauna enthusiasts: Finland introduces its very own emoji

It is dark in Finland, and so is the music.
It is dark in Finland, and so is the music.
Image: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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What better way to represent how you feel than with an emoji?

Finland is the latest to jump on this craze by becoming one of the first countries in the world to launch its own set of official emoji. The first emoji released include a naked man and women enjoying a sauna because “sauna is as Finnish as it gets,” according to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

There’s also a Nokia 3310—a 15-year-old device from the now-decimated Finnish mobile-phone giant that is one of the highest-selling mobiles of all time—and a guy rocking out because, apparently, Finns love hard rock. “There’s a small headbanger living inside of each Finn,” the site suggests.

The entire collection will include more than 30 emoji representing things that are important to Finns and are part of the Christmas calendar soon to be available in 13 different languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and Russian. It will be freely available to download from the December 2015.

“The Finland emojis were designed with a tongue-in-cheek approach, but I hope that they will tell the world not only about our special features but also something about our strengths,” said Petra Theman, director for public diplomacy. “One example is disarming honesty.”