Iran’s president cancels his France trip, and vows to “fight terror”

Taking a rain check.
Taking a rain check.
Image: Reuters/Beawiharta
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A planned, high-profile visit to France by Hassan Rouhani, the president of Iran, has been canceled in the wake of six coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night (Nov. 13). France is reeling from the shock of the attacks, widely attributed to the ISIL terror group, which killed at least 127 people and left hundreds injured.

Rouhani had been planning to visit Paris on Monday, Nov. 16. Officials said it would be rescheduled. The trip would also have included Italy. That leg has also been cancelled.

The Iranian leader also tweeted at France’s president, offering his condolences to the French people and speaking of the solidarity Iran felt as a fellow victim of terrorism:

Announcing the change in travel plans, Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, said: “It is better now to focus on fighting terrorism and President Rouhani’s trip to Europe will happen in near future,” according to the Iranian news agency.

Iran is busy rebuilding relationships with Western powers following years of dispute over its nuclear program. A deal was struck in July between Iran and a group called the P5+1 which comprises France, China, Russia, the UK and Germany. Among other things, it could see Iranian oil flow back into global markets.