A dog with a GoPro made the most amazing wedding video

Marital joy, plus dog.
Marital joy, plus dog.
Image: YouTube/Marshall Burnette
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Wedding photographers, be warned. In 2014, a couple from Tennessee strapped a GoPro on their dog, Ryder, and used her as the de-facto wedding photographer. Ryder puttered around the couple as they prepared for the big day, doing things that dogs do, like shaking themselves off, looking at random things and following people around. It turns out that actually can make for a pretty great wedding video.

According to DesignTAXI, the couple—Addie and Marshall Burnette—got married on Roan Mountain in Tennessee, the same place they went on their first date a decade earlier. The snowy, forested mountain offered a beautiful backdrop for the wedding film, even if Ryder’s ears are poking up in the middle of the frame throughout.

It seems that 2015 was the year for dogs and cameras—phodography, if you will. Nikon even created a camera that sits on a dog and takes a photo every time the dog’s heart rate rises. Perhaps in the future, as the cost of weddings continues to rise, and the cost of internet-connected devices continues to fall, we’ll see more animals helping out with ceremonies. Web-connected hummingbirds would make great party photographers, and if The Flintstones taught us anything, birds can also make great record players.