Almost half of Apple Watch owners have used their nose to operate the device

Image: AP Photo/Rick Rycroft
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For most Apple Watch owners, hands-free control means calling on Siri to take care of simple tasks. But according to a new survey, close to half of them admit they’ve used their noses to interact with the smartwatch.

Research firm Wristly presented some of the insights it’s gathered from thousands of Apple Watch owners over eight months at Glance Conf—an independently run conference centered on the business of the Apple Watch—held today (Dec. 10) in San Francisco. One of the most intriguing findings was the number of people who use their “nose as an input device.”

Of the 1,040 Apple Watch owners surveyed, 46% said they have interacted with the smartwatch using their noses. Another 28% of respondents said they hadn’t but indicated that they “now want to try.”

As some users have pointed out on forums, the nose is a good alternative when both hands are occupied (eg. carrying groceries) or covered by gloves that don’t work on touch screens. One reddit user called the nose tap ”a day 1 skill for me,” useful especially to dismiss timers and notifications.