The Oregon occupiers forgot to bring enough snacks

Calling for backup.
Calling for backup.
Image: AP Photo/Rick Bowmer
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It seems that the American militants who took over a federal building on a wildlife refuge in Burns, Oregon, are running low on snacks. On Jan. 1, an occupier named Blaine Cooper posted a video on Facebook along with this post:

We are not asking for money so if you can send supplies or anything that will help the militia and those taking a stand then please send it to:

General Mail
Jon Ritzheimer or Blaine Cooper
Burns, OR 97720

We will humbly accept monetary donations at Again, not asking for money and care packages would be greatly appreciated.

Things we could use:
cold weather socks
energy drinks
equipment for cold weather
snow camo
anything you think will help.

This was not the first time the motley crew had called for snacks—Cooper put out a similar request for supplies a day earlier. That post hadn’t listed specific items, but it did include a call for snacks. “We do this for your children and their freedom,” Cooper wrote. The internet responded swiftly, and sarcastically.