Woody Allen’s latest young ingénue is Miley Cyrus

Coming in like a wrecking ball?
Coming in like a wrecking ball?
Image: AP/Jordan Strauss/Invision
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Hollywood writer and director Woody Allen has a famous formula for his feature films: One quirky script, equal dashes of comedy and romance, a starring role for himself, and another starring role for a young woman—always an attractive actress in her twenties or thirties who, especially if she’s appeared in an Allen movie before, is inevitably dubbed his latest muse. Mia Farrow, Diane Keaton, Charlotte Rampling, Mariel Hemingway, Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson, Naomi Watts, Frieda Pinto, Cate Blanchett, and Emma Stone have all played the part, and now it’s Miley Cyrus’s turn.

Well, sort of. The 23-year-old Cyrus is reportedly set to star alongside 80-year-old Allen in something different, a six-episode series for Amazon’s online television streaming service.

Amazon announced Allen’s contract for the series, which will be his first television show, one year ago. Allen is reportedly stressed about the project, and last year told Deadline: Hollywood that he hadn’t known what he was getting into when he agreed to do it, and was “struggling and struggling and struggling” with it. Other details were scarce until yesterday (Jan. 25), when sources confirmed that Allen had cast himself, Cyrus, and 83-year-old Elaine May in the series, which will be set in the 1960s, and that shooting is scheduled to begin in March. Cyrus posted a note about the news on Instagram yesterday, as well:

Cyrus was famous for playing the lead role in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana between 2006 and 2011. Since then, she’s morphed into a headline-grabbing pop star with occasional roles in feature films and television specials, including Netflix’s “A Very Murray Christmas” this December.