A mysterious illness forced an American Airlines flight to turn around and land in London

Wheels down.
Wheels down.
Image: AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee
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A commercial flight heading to Los Angeles from London had to turn back around after several passengers and cabin crew members fell sick and one of them collapsed while on board. Officials have yet to determine what caused the passengers to feel sick.

Flight AA109 was passing over Iceland yesterday (Jan. 27) when a flight attendant fainted in the aisle, according to eye witnesses. At least six other crew members and multiple passengers onboard the Boeing 777 reported feeling light-headed and as if they were going to faint.

One passenger tweeting from the plane said the captain reversed the flight’s course after the flight attendant’s fainting spell. The passenger also told the Daily Mail that doctors and medical professionals onboard were asked to come forward to help the nauseous passengers.

The plane landed safely at Heathrow, where police officers and medical professionals awaited their arrival. Passengers were not allowed off the aircraft until officials finished inspecting the plane and collected the passengers’ luggage for testing.

According to American Airlines, no passengers or crew requested further medical attention after being evaluated by paramedics. The airline has not commented on what could have caused the passengers to feel ill, though reports suggest it could have been caused by air contaminated by fuel from the plane.