Sewell responded by saying that “what we’re asking for is a debate on this.”

“I don’t have a proposal,” he continued. “I don’t have a solution for this. What I think we need to do is give an appropriate and fair hearing.”

In his opening statement, Sewell said the battle between Apple and the FBI should not be decided by a “warrant request based on a 220-year-old statute [the All Writs Act],” and instead by Congress (and thus the people). Sewell said the company would ultimately “follow the law” as determined by Congress, but Sensenbrenner objected that affidavits and warrants are also processes of the law.

Without specific policy solutions, the congressman said he and his colleagues are “simply [left] to our own devices.” He went on, ”We’ll be very happy to do that, but I can guarantee you won’t like the result.”

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