“Tonight is the beginning of Donald Trump bringing the Republican Party together for a big victory this November,” said Christie in an uncharacteristic monotone. Bearing a strong resemblance to a kidnap victim forced to praise his captor, Christie called Trump tough, strong, bold, decisive as well as a leader, fighter and “someone who speaks plainly.” He added that Trump’s presidential effort is “not a campaign, but a movement.”

Once Trump started speaking, Christie was relegated to the background, where he lingered, in what appeared to be agony.

When Trump talked about how American companies are leaving US soil for foreign countries, he went out of his way to mention a few fleeing New Jersey. In the background, Chris Christie vehemently shook his head in disagreement, while maintaining a contrived smile.

Trump added: ”Politicians are all talk no action–except for Chris Christie, of course.”

Twitter users were quick to notice Christie’s distress—which came after a humiliating moment last week when Trump ordered him to “go home.” 

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During his opening remarks Trump took a while to get warmed up, congratulating Ted Cruz for winning Texas and calling Marco Rubio a “little senator” and a “lightweight”.

Once questions from reporters started, Trump got more defensive, having to answer queries about his position on Planned Parenthood, his lack of disavowal of an endorsement by a leader of the KKK, or about his changing position on immigration.

He shot back at Mexican president Vincente Fox, who gave an angry interview saying he would not pay for Trump’s wall between the US and his country. ”100% Mexico is going to pay for the wall,” said Trump. “The reason is I’m a businessman, I know how to do this.” He added that the Great Wall of China was 13,000 miles long “and they didn’t have Caterpillar tractors.”

At one point Trump also appeared to threaten House Speaker Paul Ryan: “I’m going to get along with Paul Ryan and if I don’t he will have to pay a big price.”

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