Reminder: You may not like Donald Trump, but don’t threaten to kill him

Probably best to not threaten a US presidential candidate.
Probably best to not threaten a US presidential candidate.
Image: Associated Press/Brynn Anderson
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Emadeldin Elsayed really dislikes Donald Trump.

The 23-year-old Egyptian student turned to Facebook to say he would be doing the world a favor if he killed the presidential candidate. “I literally don’t mind taking a lifetime sentence in jail for killing this guy, I would actually be doing the whole world a favor,” he said.

Elsayed was studying at the Universal Air Academy in Los Angeles. The flight school had seen Elsayed’s Facebook post about Trump and reported him to federal officials. (As the frontrunner in the Republican contest to be their presidential candidate, Trump is protected by the Secret Service—codenamed “Mogul.”)

Elsayed’s Facebook post resulted in his arrest in California and his US visa being revoked (paywall). While Elsayed will not be charged with a crime, the Egyptian student—who aspires to be a pilot—has agreed to leave the US voluntarily rather than be deported and now has until July 5 to return home.

His lawyer suggested he was being detained illegally and was targeted because he’s Muslim and Middle Eastern, telling the Associated Press: “This kid is going to become a poster boy for hating America.” Elsayed was reportedly angry about Trump’s comments about Muslims, but had not intended to actually hurt the presidential candidate.

Trump has previously said he’d prevent Muslims from entering the US, and would build a border wall between the US and Mexico.