There’s an option on an ISIS form to indicate if you’re interested in being a suicide bomber

On the lookout.
On the lookout.
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In order to join the terrorist group ISIS, applicants must fill out a registration form, including an option to become suicide bombers.

Britain’s Sky News and others recently obtained documents containing names, addresses, telephone numbers, and family contacts of ISIS members. According to Sky News, German media reported that within that trove were the registration papers of three of the men—Samy Amimour, Foued Mohamed-Aggad and Omar Ismail Mostefai—who carried out the Paris attacks in November 2015, which took the lives of 139 people and injured almost 400 more.

On their entry into [ISIS]-controlled territory in 2013 and 2014, they stated that they wanted to become fighters for IS, although on the personal information sheet there was an option to become a suicide bomber.

The option appears to be part of a 23-question form that had to be filled in before induction into ISIS. Sky News reported that it obtained a file marked “Martyrs,” which “detailed a brigade manned entirely by fighters who wanted to carry out suicide attacks and were trained to do so.”

Amimour, a 28-year-old bus driver; Mohamed-Aggad, 23, from northeast France; and Mostefai, 29, a French national from the suburbs of Paris, carried out the massacre at the Bataclan theater. Their applications also referenced Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who has been identified as the leader of the Paris attacks.

The leaked documents, which Sky News obtained from a disgruntled convert, contain information on 22,000 recruits. German police have said they have the same type of documents and believe it’s highly likely they’re authentic. However, French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve emphasized caution. ”We are extremely interested in information which would allow us to … neutralise terrorists but such information has to be authenticated,” he said.