Protesters in Arizona block a highway leading to a Trump rally

Trump and Arpaio, in January.
Trump and Arpaio, in January.
Image: AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
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Protesters barricaded a highway near Phoenix today (March 19) that is the main access road to a Donald Trump rally, where he was scheduled to appear with controversial anti-immigration sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Traffic was backed up for miles leading to the suburb of Fountain Hills; at least three people were arrested.

“This is causing huge issues for us,” Maricopa County sheriff’s office deputy Joaquin Enriquez told CNN. “We obviously have to get this road open.”

Eventually the road cleared and Trump appeared on stage about 50 minutes late.

Many of the protesters identified themselves as immigrant-rights advocates. Arizona is a historically red state with a growing Latino population, and it holds its Republican primary on Tuesday (March 22).

The protest comes on the heels of other anti-Trump efforts, including one in Chicago last week that forced the cancellation of a Trump rally, and a clash in Salt Lake City on Friday (March 18).