Watch: John Oliver hammers in glorious detail the idiocy of Trump’s proposed US-Mexico border wall

Let’s break it down.
Let’s break it down.
Image: (Screenshot from YouTube)
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John Oliver, patron saint of expertly-timed jokes, has taken aim at Donald Trump once again. Last week, the HBO talk show host visited Stephen Colbert’s show and argued that voters should really start referring to the Republican presidential candidate by his German ancestors’ surname: Drumpf.

The joke was a hit—even Jay Z wants one of Oliver’s Drumpf hats—but this week, Oliver is done calling Trump names. He wants to tackle one of the controversial proposals that the candidate has mentioned the most—building a huge wall on the US-Mexico border—and debunk it in a way only John Oliver can.

The comedian highlighted the major problems with Trump’s proposal: First, the GOP frontrunner’s estimated wall budget has gone up from $4 billion to $12 billion—but professionals actually estimate it will be much more when considering the cost of transporting the materials, designing the wall, and managing its construction. What’s more, federal officials have estimated that the cost of maintaining the wall will exceed initial construction cost after just seven years—an investment that Oliver likened to buying a dumb pet walrus: “You think it’s stupid now — wait until you learn what a bucket of sea cucumbers costs. You’ve not prepared for that.”

Oliver points out that the wall is “a big, dumb thing that only gets more expensive over time,” and most of all, is inspired by fear and racism. A better option is to give ”every man, woman, and child” a Palmer waffle iron instead.
The waffle iron plan is cheaper, Oliver argues, and it won’t hurt America’s relationship with Mexico, its third-largest trading partner. (“And if it’s racist, it’s only racist towards Belgians.”)

Watch the video above for some big laughs.