Porsche has developed a holographic ad to convince you to buy its 911

Porsche is running holographic print ads to promote its 911.
Porsche is running holographic print ads to promote its 911.
Image: REUTERS/Rebecca Cook - RTX21W19
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Porsche is using holograms to get people to buy its $80,000 sports car.

Porsche is running what the company says is the “the world’s first interactive hologram print ad” in the April issue of Fast Company magazine. The ad was developed by Cramer-Krasselt, an advertising agency.

Here’s how it works: You’ll need to take out a plastic sheet from the magazine and fold it into a prism. Then you run a video from 911hologram.com on a tablet and place the prism on top. And you should see a hovering Porsche 911 as the video runs.

Porsche has created 150,000 prisms, and they will be available in 50,000 copies of Fast Company, according to AdWeek.

With fewer people purchasing physical magazines in stores and opting for digital copies instead, innovative advertisements that mesh the physical and digital world can help attract new potential customers. Other magazines have experimented with flashy ads too. Back in 2013, Google and Wired Magazine teamed up to allow readers to “customize” their own Moto X smartphone within Wired’s print issue by tapping different color panels on the page which would change the color of the Moto X in the advertisement.

Porsche is also planning a LED-powered ad in Inc Magazine in May, Marshall Ross, Cramer-Krasselt’s creative director told AdWeek. ”The LED will provide specific details about the car’s new technology…So this is another example of ‘walking the walk,’ using technology to tell a technology story.”

Porsche and Fast Company did not immediately respond to Quartz’s request for comment.